Focused on making a positive difference.

Actively engaging with our stakeholders provides valuable insight to inform strategy, attract and retain top talent, and strengthen tenant relationships. Our core values help shape how we interact with our stakeholders and the best way to meet their needs. 


We aim to execute on key actions to address these needs, including:

Routinely engage with our tenants to understand leasing and operational needs at our assets and provide tools and resources to promote sustainable tenant operations.
Coordinate with tenants and property managers on implementing health and well-being focused initiatives.
Assess our tenant and employee satisfaction and feedback through annual surveys.
Provide our employees annual trainings, industry updates and access to tools and resources related to ESG+R.
Provide our employees with health and well-being resources focused on physical, emotional, and financial health.
Track and highlight the diversity and inclusion metrics of our employees, board and executive management team.
Support and engage with local communities through philanthropic events, focusing on food insecurity and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.
Incorporate sustainability clauses into tenant leases, allowing collaboration on our ESG+R initiatives.

"A 4.09/5 overall score 4.09/5 overall score in 2023 tenant satisfaction survey"

"Achieved inclusion in 2023 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index  2023 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index "

"Selected as a 2023 Best Company to Work For 2023 Best Company to Work For in New York"

"Committed 193 employee volunteer hours 193 employee volunteer hours in local communities"


These key actions are a top priority for us. In many instances, we've successfully implemented these actions and are already recognizing a meaningful impact.

Tenant Needs
Engaged third-party to distribute tenant survey and collected and assessed feedback from tenants.
Organized step and other health-related challenges for our employees. We also provide an employee assistance program with 24/7 unlimited access to referrals and resources for all work-life needs, including access to face-to-face and telephonic counseling sessions, legal and financial referrals, and consultations.
Volunteer Opportunities
Organized volunteer opportunities at non-profit organizations on company time and participated in clothing and food drives. Additionally, our employees have donated their own time and money to 21 different DEI/non-profit organizations.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ("DEI")
Our DEI Committee meets regularly to discuss important topics and execute on various initiatives. This includes regular education and trainings, open discussion forums, recognition and understanding of all cultures and races and recruiting and internship opportunities.
Employee Needs
Engaged with our employees through regular surveys, including employee satisfaction surveys. We were happy to be recognized as a 2022 Best Company to Work for in New York.
Our ESG program is aligned with INREV, GRESB, GRI and UNPRI. Data provided herein has been reviewed by RE Tech Advisors and represents a snapshot of current performance.

Derrick Johnson

Independent Trustee

Mr. Johnson has served as an independent trustee since July 2022. Mr. Johnson has extensive experience across strategy, marketing, business development, finance and operations, specifically logistical operations, within organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies.


  • Currently, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Agiliti, a medical equipment management and services company
  • Former President of Southeast at United Parcel Service (UPS), holding a variety of strategic and operational roles for over 20 years
  • Member of the Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics
  • Previously, Mr. Johnson was an Associate of Fixed Income Sales at Citigroup and an Associate at Oliver Wyman (formerly Mercer Management Consulting)

Mr. Johnson brings operational and logistics expertise, with specific knowledge of the logistics user experience and provides our Board of Trustees with related insight.

Committee Memberships

  •  Audit and Cyber Risk 
  • Nominating and ESG