Corporate Responsibility


Our commitment to our stakeholders.

We understand the importance and responsibility we have in aligning with our stakeholders on environmental, social, and governance, and resilience (“ESG+R”) matters. Our goal is to continue building a sustainable ESG+R platform that enhances both our company and shareholder value. The ESG+R objectives that we have established are integrated throughout our investment process and contribute to our ongoing long-term success on behalf of our stakeholders, including our shareholders, employees, tenants, suppliers, creditors, and local communities.



GRESB® Ranked U.S. Listed Industrial Company


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Female Board/ Leadership/Senior Management Team

1. As of 6/30/2022

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The impact we have on the environment counts.


Focused on making a positive difference.

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Engaged in mitigating climate change-related risks.

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Our ESG program is aligned with INREV, GRESB, GRI and UNPRI. Data provided herein has been reviewed by LORD Green Strategies and represents a snapshot of current performance.

Derrick Johnson

Independent Trustee

Mr. Johnson has served as an Independent Trustee since July 2022. He is a Senior Vice President of Operations at Agiliti, a medical equipment management and services company. Prior to joining Agiliti, Mr. Johnson spent 20 years with United Parcel Service (UPS) in a variety of strategic and operational roles, including as President of the Southeast. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics. He brings extensive experience across strategy, marketing, business development, finance and operations, specifically logistical operations, within organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 50 corporations.