The impact we have on the environment counts.

Developing strategies that reduce our environmental impact and operational costs is a critical component of our program. 


We strive to employ key actions to improve and further enhance our environmental footprint, which include:

Tracking and monitoring all landlord-paid utilities as well as tracking tenant utility data wherever possible.
Strategically implementing green building certifications to highlight sustainability initiatives.
Annually reviewing and evaluating opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Implementing base building upgrades and providing tenants with improvement allowances to complete sustainability efforts, when feasible.
Participating in sustainability reporting to enhance disclosure.
Solar panels at dusk

" 20 green building certifications 20 green building certifications totaling 8.3 million square feet of space"

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" 20 green leases 20 green leases in the portfolio"


We’ve established the following targets in an effort to align with environmental best practices that are suitable for the nature of our portfolio. These targets are subject to change annually.

25% reduction in GHG emissions over 10 years (2.5% annually)
25% reduction in energy consumption over 10 years (2.5% annually)
15% reduction in water consumption over 10 years (1.5% annually)
40% diversion rate within 10 years


Our progress in respect to our key actions is well underway as we continue to execute our initiatives and targets.

Energy Efficiency
Many of our industrial properties have energy efficient features, such as energy management systems, LED lighting and recycling programs. We continue to evaluate energy saving devices across the portfolio to reduce energy consumption and drive down greenhouse gas emissions.
We are actively collecting, tracking, and monitoring landlord paid energy, water, waste, and recycling across the portfolio.
Green Building Certifications
Our current portfolio has 20 green building certifications. We have further assessed the portfolio and identified an additional five properties for near-term certification (in process).
Circulated sustainability-focused resources for tenants and property managers, including a Tenant Fit-Out Guide and an Industrial Tenant Sustainability Guide.

"Installed or committed to install LED lighting retrofits for ~3M square feet ~3M square feet of space"


Our ESG program is aligned with INREV, GRESB, GRI and UNPRI. Data provided herein has been reviewed by LORD Green Strategies and represents a snapshot of current performance.

Derrick Johnson

Independent Trustee

Mr. Johnson has served as an Independent Trustee since July 2022. He is a Senior Vice President of Operations at Agiliti, a medical equipment management and services company. Prior to joining Agiliti, Mr. Johnson spent 20 years with United Parcel Service (UPS) in a variety of strategic and operational roles, including as President of the Southeast. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics. He brings extensive experience across strategy, marketing, business development, finance and operations, specifically logistical operations, within organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 50 corporations.