Transparency to our stakeholders is essential. We pride ourselves on providing our stakeholders with regular reports and detailed disclosures on our operational and financial health and ESG efforts.


  • Strive to implement best governance practices, mindful of the concerns of our shareholders
    • This includes Code of Business Conduct, enterprise risk assessments, whistle blower policy, and management succession planning
  • Increase our ESG transparency and disclosure through reporting to frameworks, such as GRESB, and providing regular ESG updates to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Monitor compliance with applicable benchmarking and disclosure legislation including utility data reporting, audit and retro-commissioning requirements and
    GHG emission laws
  • Evaluate physical and transition climate-change risks as part of our new acquisition due diligence process
  • Evaluate various industry groups that promote our alignment with recognized industry ESG frameworks


Additionally, the following governance practices have been implemented:

  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, containing a whistleblower policy
  • Annual enterprise risk assessment
  • Independent Audit, Compensation and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committees
  • Proxy access for shareholders
  • Trustee retirement policy
  • Management succession plan
  • Annual Board, Committee and Trustee self-assessment
  • Recently refreshed Board
  • At least two-thirds independent Board
  • Lead Independent Trustee
  • Anti-Pledging/Hedging Policy
  • Share ownership and share retention requirements
  • Prohibition on cash buyouts of underwater options
  • No tax gross-ups or single-trigger change-in-control severance arrangements
  • Blank check preferred shares cannot be issued as a “takeover” defense
  • Shareholders can act by written consent or electronic consent to the same extent shareholders can act at a meeting
  • Shareholders holding at least 25% of Lexington’s outstanding common shares can call a special meeting of shareholders
  • There is no exclusive venue or forum for shareholder litigation
  • There is no fee shifting provision for unsuccessful shareholder litigants
  • Shareholders have concurrent power to amend Lexington’s Bylaws


Our ESG program is aligned with INREV, GRESB, GRI and UNPRI. Data provided herein has been reviewed by LORD Green Strategies and represents a snapshot of current performance.