Developing strategies that reduce our environmental impact and operational costs is a critical component of our ESG program. When feasible, we will implement base building upgrades and provide tenants with improvement allowance to complete sustainability efforts.


  • Track and monitor all landlord-paid utilities and track tenant utility data wherever possible
  • Strategically implement green building certifications to highlight sustainability initiatives where feasible
  • Annually review and evaluate sustainability opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Evaluate the opportunity to increase renewable energy (e.g. solar) across the portfolio


  • 25% reduction in GHG emissions over 10 years (2.5% annually)
  • 25% reduction in energy consumption over 10 years (2.5% annually)
  • 15% reduction in water consumption over 10 years (1.5% annually)
  • 40% diversion rate within 10 years

Energy Efficiency & Renewables

Many of LXP’s industrial properties have energy efficient features, such as energy management systems, LED lighting and solar arrays. 

Byhalia, MS

LXP Industrial Facility - Memphis, Tennessee Industrial Market

Recent Recognition

LXP currently has 9 Green Building certifications within its portfolio. Additionally, in August 2019, LXP received a Clean Air Award for 2019 from the National Air Filtration Association for its Richmond, VA joint venture asset.