Corporate Responsibility

Lexington Realty Trust (LXP) seeks to create a sustainable environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) platform that enhances both its company and shareholder value. LXP stands committed to supporting its shareholders, employees, tenants, suppliers, creditors, and communities as it executes on its ESG objectives and initiatives.

LXP’s current ESG objectives are:

  • Prepare a long-term ESG road map.
  • Provide appropriate disclosure on LXP’s ESG efforts.
  • Increase engagement with third parties on ESG efforts through investor and other meetings and tenant and property manager interactions.
  • Determine an appropriate framework to submit benchmarking data.

LXP expects that its ESG objectives will continue to evolve over time as it assesses strategies that are most appropriate for its organization.

ESG Team

LXP's ESG executive team members include:

  • Joe Bonventre, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Beth Boulerice, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
  • Lara Johnson, Transactions
  • James Dudley, Director of Asset Management 

Representatives from LXP’s Acquisitions, Asset Management, Dispositions, Accounting, Tax, Legal, Information Technology, Human Resources and Investor Relations departments round out the ESG team.

LXP expects to increase engagement with third parties and determine an appropriate framework to submit benchmarking data.

LXP's Board of Trustees is extremely supportive of management's ESG efforts. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of LXP's Board of Trustees oversees the team. Quarterly updates are provided to the Board on LXP's ESG initiatives. 


LXP believes that actively engaging with stakeholders is critical to its business and ESG efforts, providing valuable insight to inform strategy, attract and retain top talent, and strengthen tenant relationships. LXP expects to engage its top shareholders and other advisors on an annual basis to discuss its ESG efforts.