Corporate Responsibility

At Lexington Realty Trust (LXP), we seek to create a sustainable environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) platform that enhances both our company and shareholder value. We stand committed to supporting our shareholders, employees, tenants, suppliers, creditors, and communities as we execute on our ESG objectives and initiatives. The ESG objectives below are integrated throughout our investment process and contribute to our ongoing long-term success on behalf of our shareholders.

ESG Objectives

ESG Team

LXP’s ESG team is made up of representatives from various departments within the company. Team members meet regularly to discuss current ESG initiatives, progress, and future objectives. Further, LXP's Board of Trustees is extremely supportive of management's ESG efforts. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of LXP's Board of Trustees oversees the team. Quarterly updates are provided to the Board on LXP's ESG initiatives. 


LXP expects to engage its stakeholders on an annual basis to discuss its ESG efforts. 

Lexington Stakeholder Engagement Policy


Our ESG program is aligned with INREV, GRESB, GRI and UNPRI. Data provided herein has been reviewed by LORD Green Strategies and represents a snapshot of current performance.