"Committed and focused…investing for the long-term to create shareholder value."

what we do

Through a committed investment strategy, we invest with a long-term view of creating shareholder value. This includes investing in and financing single-tenant, net-lease assets with primarily long-term leases in well-located and growing markets or markets that are critical to the tenant's business.  We pursue build-to-suit projects, sale-lease back transactions and acquisition opportunities that we believe provide an attractive current yield and the potential for favorable total return outcomes for investors.

Through our strategy, we have been able to create and maintain a diversified asset base that provides steady, predictable and growing cash flows while being insulated against rising property operating expenses, regional recessions, industry-specific downturns and fluctuations in property values and market rent levels.

Key elements important to our strategy include:

1 Single-tenant, net-lease assets with long-term leases
2 Investment diversification for mitigating risk
3 Active portfolio and asset management for optimal operating results
4 Consistent capital recycling for improved portfolio quality and performance
5 Maintenance of a conservative balance sheet for financial flexibility

Net-Lease Property Benefits

  • Sustained, predictable cash flows
  • Low inflation risk due to tenant operating expense obligations
  • High levels of occupancy and lower turnover
  • Lower capital expenditure costs
  • Long-term leases with rent bumps

Long-Term Lease Benefits

  • Total rent payable tends to exceed purchase price
  • Likelihood of change in tenant needs creates new opportunities
  • Market rents can grow faster than rent bumps over time
  • Wide window to optimize exit strategy and maximize returns